"Exposing Fem Things" Explained

Exposing Fem Things Explained 

Fem Things was created in February 2016 as a lifestyle brand revolving around feminism, women's empowerment, self love and self confidence. We started with a mission to deliver inspiring and creative content to society and evolved along the way to bring unique, motivational and uplifting products to market internationally. 

In October 2016, our online store was officially born and we launched our new bracelet collection. We prepared well for this release, making 1,000 bracelets in anticipation for their launch. To our surprise, these designs went viral around the holidays and over 20,000 bracelets were ordered in less than 15 days.

We quickly got to work and began making as many bracelets as we could, but even though we were making the bracelets as fast as possible, we failed to meet the immense demand. Unfortunately, some customers were forced to wait until after the holidays to receive their orders. We offered full refunds to customers who couldn't wait, and worked tirelessly to fix our inventory shortage.

Unfortunately in business, life, and especially the internet, you can never make 100% of people happy 100% of the time. The Exposing Fem Things Facebook page was created during this time by a very small portion of our customers (and a few competitors); who even after refunds, gift cards and free merchandise, were intent on voicing negativity about our brand. 

By January 10th Fem Things not only delivered all of the back ordered bracelets, but also sent out $20 Fem Things gift cards to each customer who experienced delayed shipping.

Our business grew a lot faster than we expected during the holiday season of 2016 and we did the best we could to keep everyone happy. Ultimately, our business experienced the growing pains familiar to anyone who has ever started their own thing. Since then we have made sure to keep more than enough stock on hand, and to communicate to our customers about possible delays. The Fem Things Team is committed to customer satisfaction and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to keep our customers and loyal members satisfied. 

Fem Things is excited to enter the holiday season of 2017 and we are fully prepared to offer the best possible online shopping experience as we continue to grow and spread our support for feminism, women's empowerment, self love and self confidence. 

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