The Feminist Movement

The Feminist Movement

What Is The Feminist Movement?

Empowering women is perhaps one of those millennium goals which define the 21st century, and it is indeed honorable to be a part of the feminist movement — the term that collectively represents all actions being taken globally for the successful protection and grant of women rights. This article will help you explore why such a movement exists and why you, despite of your gender, should be a part of it.

What Are the Roots of the Feminist Movement?

The ideology behind the movement is the equality of men and women which had never been recognized fully by previous generations. Now when I say equality, I do not mean to say that men and women have the same physical strength and intellect to carry out everything in the exact same fashion; science has proven that generally men and women are different from each other to a great extent. What I mean by equality is that women should also be respected for who they are.

Unfortunately, the science-proven difference between both genders had made it quite difficult for women to survive in an atmosphere where men dominated everything ranging from politics to businesses. Today, those differences have been set aside to a large extent and women are having their confidence built by taking the space in society which they indeed deserve. Any step taken worldwide such as campaigns for equal job opportunities for men and women, protection of human rights in conflicted areas, awareness drives for women etc. are all part of the feminist movement.

Does The Feminist Movement Suppress Men?

Absolutely not, because sexism goes both ways and feminism is the action to counter it. Men should not consider it to be an attack on their dignity when asked if they are feminist, because those men who realize the need for an equal society and have control over their emotions over women living the kind of life they would with their friends, are actually the best of their kind.

Then, there are those who felt the absolute need to launch the ‘Meninist movement’ to further counter the present feminist movement, but they fail to realize how redundant it is because the feminist movement preserves equality, and that preservation demands the access of women to live freely.

Has The Feminist Movement Gone Too Far?

It is quite saddening that some factions of this extremely motivational movement have gone rogue and started working for a community that asks for payback for all the years men have ruled over women. This extremism is often linked with neo-liberalism. An example is of those women which are mocked and laughed on by other women when they say that they aspire to become wives and mothers. There is no shame whatsoever in wanting that future, but sadly, their own kind opposes them.

However, the core of the movement is still the same, and it is important that the new generation is taught that men working for revenge is not the solution.

Should You Join The Feminist Movement?

Yes, you should; but not if you want to work for boasting the idea that the age of women ruling over men is here — then it’s a lost cause. The purpose of this movement is that both men and women join hands to give each other the respect they really need — and deserve.

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